Monday, June 10, 2019

Goodby Cricket, see you someday over the Rainbow Bridge.

Thought I should have a final blog post.   We have not had foster dogs for over a year as our beloved dog Cricket became ill with chronic pancreatitis.   Amazingly through her ups and downs she made it for a year with this disease and we enjoyed every minute with her.  She told us when it was her time to leave us and we miss her greatly.  It has been a hard long journey and our hearts are broken.  Everyone deals with a loss of a dog differently, for us we need time,  I think a long time.   I will continue to take photo's of the incoming dogs for petfinder and help Lori with keeping up the petfinder listings.   As far as another dog or fostering...……..time will tell.

Best regards,

Monday, December 11, 2017

Annie has a forever mom!!!

Annie sure won the jackpot with a forever mom.   She is a former fluffy dog adopter.  Her other dog is around 11 now and three legged so she was looking for a dog that was more laid back and noticed Annie.   He will even get to go to work with her which I'm sure he will love.  He loves his person.   We will miss you Anakin especially when you gave a slow paw to us asking for more pets,  so cute.  Have a happy life little buddy.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

A quick learner............

Every time my dog Cricket comes into the house,  we give her a "good job" treat.   Now,  the first thing she does when she comes inside is go near the treat jar and stare at us waiting for her treat.  Annie has quickly learned the "go to the treat jar and stare" routine..

We do not have our backyard fenced in.  What I have been doing is putting a long leash on him and I stand on the patio while he runs around with Cricket.  The leash is for a quick grab if he decides to run off.   The only time he has left the yard is to visit the neighbor dog when he is outside.   If I say come Annie in a loud high voice,  he comes a running back.

Close up selfie-

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Annie patiently waiting for me to get ready in the morning..........


Anakin before and after pictures.

My son wasn't too happy with me but it will grow in healthy now. You can see here his little schnauzer like body. 

So glad I took the time to take a few photos prior to his groom.

Welcome Anakin (Annie)

It's been a while since we have had a foster dog but did we every hit the Jackpot with Annie.  He is just the best.   I will start here with his background story.

Annie was an owner surrender to an Alabama shelter.  We do not know why he was surrendered,  honestly over the years we learned not to believe the person.  Honestly,  I just can't think of a reason other than they did not have time for him.

Annie lived in an Alabama foster home for about a month waiting for transport to Wisconsin.  Teri, his foster mom just adored him and was so sad to see him go.  I'm sure we will feel the same.

While with Teri,  Annie dug out from under her cyclone fence and sustained some puncture wounds on his hind end.  He was treated with antibiotics and just about healed now.  He needed to be trimmed up around the wounds so his fur was pretty choppy so I had him groomed when he arrived.

Ta daaaa,  we thought he looked like an overgrown yorkie with his long fur but under it all,  he looks like a schnauzer mix.    We loved his long fur but he looked pretty shaggy,  Teri affectionately called him shaggy.  With quality food and care,  it should grow back beautiful.  For now,  her looks like a darling schnauzer mix.
He is 22 lbs so on the small side of medium.  He is about 16" to his shoulder.

Annie is quite a calm boy very easy to have around. He is listed at 4-5 years old.  I don't know if his former owner gave this age or the vet estimated it.  I think it is about right.  His eyes are very clear and teeth do not have much tarter on them.

He is such a dear boy.   As I type this,  he is laying quietly at my feet always hoping I will take a few minutes and give him some attention but not pestering me at all.  Love this boy!!

This is Anakin's shelter picture