Thursday, August 13, 2015

personalities...........different dogs, same personalities

So funny,  my husband and I were talking about the pups this am.  It is so interesting, at this point, they have the same personality and tendencies.   They both are so loving and love to be near you.  They both love to be on your lap for rubs.  They both enjoy being held.  When in the yard, neither stray too far and when called, they come.  The both love toys (usually the same one and will play tug of war with each other for it)   The will run around the yard with each other and both come back with a stick to chew on lay close to where I am at.   I worked in the yard for about an hour last evening and the both stayed close at hand.  If I disappeared around a bush,  they would come find me, so cute. They both love everyone they have met and are great with kids.