Thursday, August 6, 2015

Meet Shortcake..........

Interesting day today.  Tango knows the routine around here and Shortcake is trying to figure it all out.   Don't worry, she will have it down pat in a couple of days.

A few notes,  she is very attentive to me and following me like a ducking.  She even comes when called.    I have a leash on her in the yard but she doesn't run at all from me, so I have her dragging it.  Tango and her are figuring each other out and do seem to like each other.   Her fur is so soft and fluffy and she is more fur than body.  I doubt she is even 10 lbs,  will try to weigh her.   I would estimate she will be less than 20 lbs as an adult and may be a bit smaller than her mother.  Shortcake is listed as a schauzer mix since her mother was thought to be part schnauzer.  She has a little face under the soft fur,  hum maybe part maltese???  Shortcake loves attention, loves to be pet and rolled over for some belly rubbing.   I will update as she settles in to her new surroundings and I get to know her more.